For Adults

Terminology and Definitions
Trans Health - Fertility & You
What does the scholarly research say about the effect of gender transition on transgender well-being?
Transgender Identity vs Make Believe Argument

For Parents & Family

Terminology and Definitions
Family Behaviors that Increase Your LGBTQ Child's Health & Well Being
Family Behaviors the Increase Your LGBTQ Child's Risk for Serious Health & Mental Health Problems
Gender Support Plan Form
Seven Ways to Support Your Transgender or Gender Non-conforming Child or Teen During the
Holiday Season
A Mother's Day Reflection on Being a Mom of Someone Who Is Transgender
The Parent Guide: Five Keys to Navigating When Your Kid Comes Out As Trans or Non-Binary
Transgender Identity vs Make Believe Argument
At Ease: Support for Military Families with LGBTQ+ Children & Teens
Faith in Our Families: Talking About Faith, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression
Our Trans Loved Ones: Questions and Answers for Parents, Families, and Friends of People Who Are Transgender and Gender Expansive
Our Children: Questions and Answers for Parents and Families of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning People
Parents: Quick Tips for Supporting Your LGBTQ
Kids-and YOURSELF-During the Coming-Out

General Resources

Terminology and Definitions
Tips & Tricks: Safe Binding
Safer Tucking Information
Safer Binding Information
The Gender Unicorn
Transgender Identity vs Make Believe Argument
Family Acceptance Project Logo

The Trevor Project | Crisis Line & Website: CALL: 1-866-488-7386 or TEXT: 678-678

Family Acceptance Project Logo

Trans Lifeline is run by and for trans people: CALL: 1-877-565-8860

Family Acceptance Project Logo

Gender Spectrum | Gender Spectrum is a national organization committed to the health and well-being of gender- diverse children and teens through education and support for families, and training and guidance for educators, medical and mental health providers, and other professionals.

Family Acceptance Project Logo

Family Acceptance Project | LGBTQ Youth & Family Resources: To Decrease Mental Health Risks & Promote Well‐Being

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The Guide to Allyship | An open-source starter guide to helping individuals become a more thoughtful and effective ally.

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